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In logistics, the clocks tick differently

Claims, the legislature wishes, expire after three years (general limitation period). In transport, however, the clock ticks faster. This is not a three-year limitation period, but a one-year term.

The general information period, which is valid for the most frequent occurrence of claims from daily life, such as rent payments or purchase payments, is used in some industries, e.g. for real estate, is significantly extended (five to ten years). A claimant shall have one year to assert the claims arising from a carriage with the respective carrier. The limitation period applies both to the main claims and to additional obligations. The annual period begins on expiry of the day on which the goods were delivered by the carrier. 

A one-year limitation in the freight law can be “inhibited” by the sender, that is, the deadline stops and does not continue. Such an “inhibition” of the claim must be made in text form by means of an explanation. If the freight forwarder refuses claims, the limitation period continues. The same also applies in the warehouse. The depositor has one year to assert claims from his storage contract to the warehouse manager.

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