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Lower logistic costs trough improved transparency

The logistic- and process costs in many companies are higher than necessary. Above all, the predominantly manual order and invoice processing is very inefficient. The software HDS Rebell® from HDS International Group automates invoice processing.

The potential for optimizing logistic- and process costs is frequently underestimated. Excessive prices, a manual and time-consuming invoice process and the lack of cost transparency for orders and customers are among the typical problems. With electronic billing and accompanying benchmarking the software HDS Rebell® enables an unprecedented level of transparency.

A new transparency with the logistics Dashboard

Transparency in all logistics costs is promised by the HDS International Group with its news logistics Dashboard. This management cockpit provides an ideal overview with KPI’s and graphics as well as access to standard reports and individually defined analyses. The Dashboard is a comprehensive information centre for reviewing all logistics costs within the company.

The main benefits of HDS Rebell®

  • Automated calculation of all logistics costs
  • Complete electronic processing of all logistics processes
  • Digital link with the consignor’s ERP system
  • Regular benchmarks of all logistic costs in market and industry comparison
  • Correspondence and difference clarification with forwarders
  • Automated self-billing system for each logistics service-provider
  • Logistics Dashboard

HDS Rebell® performance modules

HDS Connect® is a web interface for digital orders placed with any number of forwarders or haulage contractors.
HDS Calculate® ensures the calculation and consolidation of complex loads and surcharges.
HDS Flow® combines with all common ERP systems used by consignors and all major freight forwarding systems.
HDS Control® evaluates and monitors the logistic KPI’s and structures. The module creates periodic standard reports, custom reports and graphically with the dashboard
HDS Contract® manages complex tariffs for contracts for land, air and sea freight as well as for warehouse and service contracts
HDS Tender® supports tenders in conjunction with sales forecasts

Selfbilling System

At the highest stage of automated invoice checking, the self-billing system is also available. Invoicing the transport services to the consignor is then not as previously by means of an invoice raised by the carrier but the process is reversed, which means that on instruction from the consignor HDS raises a credit note for the carrier and thus replaces his invoices


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