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Digitalization in the field of ocean freight

More efficiency, slimmer processes, who does not know these two phrases in logistics? In a survey, the business and consulting company PwC has dealt with the topic: “Where does container logistics go?” employed. To this end, she questioned managers from the industry about possible scenarios and thereby identified what will also be implemented in the coming years. The result is interesting.

According to this, almost nine out of then shipowners (87%) expect digitzation in ship traffic to become extremely significant in the coming years. One out of every four maritime executives surveyed assumes that ships will be controlled by the country in the future – without a crew or helmsman being on board. This scenario was seen by 96% of th19e shipowners in the distance two years ago.

Change in the service spectrum

That these new possibilities will significantly change the service spectrum in martitime sector, is obvious. Half of the respondents (51%) believe that shipping companies will have to assume more tasks within the supply chain in the future in order to remain competitive. ┬áNearly two-thirds of the respondents (63%) even expect to cover the entire supply chain (“from house to house”) instead of only the pure shipping transport. “The advancing digitalisation now forces the German shipping companies to deepen their service portfolio and cover the logistics chain more extensively – not just at sea, but also on land,” says Claus Brandt, Partner and Director of the Competence Center Maritime Economy at PwC.

Competition from technology companies

62% of shipowners surveyed expect that companies like Google will support the industry with technical services and know-how. Direct investment in the area, on the other hand, Amazon has already done. Since the beginning of 2016, the company’s Chinese subsidiary has been licensed for merchant shipping on the high seas.

Economic situation

The economic situation in which shipping has been going on for several years has been an obstacle to the necessary investment in digital business models. Just a third of respondents believe that, revenues will rise in the upcoming months. In addition, the environmental requirements for shipping companies are steadily tightening. A good of 90% of the respondents are also expecting that requirements will increase in the coming years.


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